About Mvideoslots.com, Values, Founder and Contact

Here’s some highlights on Mvideoslots.com and what it’s all about, the core values or what it stands for, as well as a little bit about myself. Are you a player and want some help with casinos? Or a casino rep looking for a long-term partnership? Then reach out to me personally.

What is Mvideoslots.com?

It’s an online gaming blog for beginners and recreational players.

The main goal is to be your trustful companion in the ever-growing world of online casinos and slot games. To make it even easier for you to focus on the things you like doing the most – enjoying the weird things in life and having fun.

But with even more noise and information overload out there than ever before, creating “just” another casino reviews site wasn’t an option.

So I give you this.

The 5 Promises or What’s in it For You

  1. Quality before quantity. There’s enough mediocre content out there. That’s why you won’t find any half-assed reviews here. Proper research and, in many cases, actually getting to know the people behind the casino/games is the base of every post.
  2. Integrity is everything. I only recommend casinos and games that I truly believe in or have been field-tested by many players.
  3. Content for beginners and seasoned players. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, the casino and slot reviews are written with you in mind.
  4. Make you smarter. The idea with the reviews is to give you the full overview and enough alternatives so you can pick what’s best for you.
  5. Independent opinion. Unlike many, Mvideoslots.com is an independent site, and I do my best to provide you with unbiased judgement.

So who’s behind all this?

My Story in 1 Minute

That funny guy above is me, the founder of Mvideoslots.com.

I’ve been involved in iGaming full time since 2010, when my hippy-like overseas study in Leicester, UK, quickly led to getting to know and work with some of the industry’s most passionate people.

Many hangovers, sleepless nights and Family Guy episodes aside, it’s years of daily research, playing slots and building a thick bullshit filter when it comes to spotting quality casinos, that makes a BIG part of my life.

So, in 2015 I created my own gig and started helping players like you, independently. I believe you can’t return a bad casino experience, and I think I know how to help you choose a good one.

I’m not a wizard and I never had it all planned out, but I am willing to work my ass off even if it just helps you alone.

Get in Touch for Feedback or Questions

See that “contact me” badge on the right?

Use it to get in touch or leave feedback as I’m here for you.

You can also send a message to webmaster [at] mvideoslots com. I usually reply within a day.

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