What Makes This Site Special

Online gaming is supposed to be fun. So when it gets to a point where choosing an online casino or a slot becomes so difficult that there is no fun left, that’s when it becomes depressing. Mvideoslots.com was built to provide you with independent slot reviews and online casino news from industry experts, so you can leave that mess behind and start having fun again.

The idea to launch the site came to me in 2015. I knew a bit about casinos and games, how the industry works and how some casinos are cheating players, and how all this could be combined to help players choose better casinos and slots. I also liked the idea of playing on the go, easy and carefree, like it should’ve always been. So that M is for mobile to symbolise just that and is in the back of my mind when I choose a good game or a slot site.

What started as a side gig has become my everyday passion which has led me to a close collaboration with some of the most interesting people in the industry. Regularly meeting with game developers, discussing their latest works and future plans, and seeing how slots are coming to life in the actual studios is part of what I do to fuel the authenticity of reviews as opposed to the many other slot review sites out there. That said, I’m keen to share it all with you and improve the site as it grows to help find things even quicker. Stay tuned, there’s still a lot more to come.

Let’s make playing at online casinos fun again!


If you have a casino or a game suggestion, or want to collab then you can get in touch with me personally here. I’m also happy to help if you have issues with any of the featured casino sites since I’m in direct contact with each one. Want to come by to the office in Tallinn and have a chat? — Drop me an email.



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