What Makes This Site Special

Online gaming is supposed to be fun. If you’ve come to the same conclusion but don’t feel the same when navigating the endless world of online casinos or slot games, then isn’t it just frustrating?! That’s exactly how I felt when I launched this site in 2015. Mvideoslots.com was built to provide online casino players with independent reviews and news from the industry insiders, so you can be more certain about your choices and start having fun again.

Why You Can Trust Mvideoslots.com

I created the site with high hopes, but with an aim to keep it honest and personal, like I would when I was helping a friend. I had graduated from the University of Leicester and had four years of content creation and consulting experience behind me. That had snowballed into a wealth of information about online casinos and slots which pushed me to exciting new ventures like this.

What started as a side gig has become my daily passion which led me to a close collaboration with some of the most interesting people in the industry. Regularly meeting with game developers, discussing their latest works and seeing how slots are coming to life in the actual studios is part of what I do to fuel the authenticity of reviews as opposed to random slot review sites out there. This made an impression to other businesses and from 2019 the site is operated under Podium North OÜ in my hometown Tallinn.

Affiliate Disclosure

Mvideoslots.com provides free information about online slots, online casinos and everything related to online gaming. To help us do it well and continue investing in valuable content, we may earn affiliate commission from casino operators. This means that we may receive compensation when someone signs up and plays at an online casino that we have on our site. This is common practice in many industries, including travel blogs, influencers and booking sites alike.

This business model helps my team and me to write independent and unbiased reviews. We only promote those casinos which we have investigated and are trustworthy. It’s our mission to help you find a casino that you are happy, so we choose our partners with integrity.

Advocate of Safe Gambling

My aim is to help you find better games and slot sites. And one of the critical components in that is making sure the environment is built to provide a safe and fair gaming experience.

This means having valid licenses from approved local jurisdictions, like the UK Gambling Commission in the UK, Malta Gaming Authority in the EU or Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. While third-party supervision is important, it’s also crucial that players too have the right tools and knowledge when it comes to responsible gambling services and support.

Casinos which serve their customers in this way ultimately drive the industry to a better, healthier future for everyone. Likewise, my team and I do our best to list only the sites which meet the criteria and keep constant track of any changes which would prove otherwise.


If you have a casino or a game suggestion or want to collab then you can get in touch with me personally here. I’m also happy to help if you have issues with any of the featured casino sites since I’m in direct contact with each one. Want to come by to the office in Tallinn and have a chat? — Drop me an email.



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