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Cluster Pays and 5x Emoji Features Explained

Meet the official Emojiplanet slot by NetEnt.

As emoji take over the world, the Cluster Pays function is also gaining popularity. Think the Aloha slot or the good old Bejeweled. So, the developers combined both. It’s one of the most anticipated slots of 2017 and it’s fun and very easy to play. There’s no risk of running out of balance before you know it (because of frequent pays) and the five special in-game Emoji Features will make your heart racing every now and then too, featuring Sticky Wilds, wild reels, 3×3 symbols and more. The emoticons slot went live across NetEnt slot sites on 23rd August 2017.

Note: Emojiplanet is discontinued from 30 July 2020. See other branded NetEnt slots like Ozzy Osbourne instead.

That said, will this emoji game be as successful as Starburst?

After all, there are no second-screen bonuses and it has one of the lowest RTPs of 96.4%. And yes, it’s not ideal for high rollers too, not only for the cartoony theme. See the full Emojiplanet slot review below where I’ll show you what it can do with Cluster Pays and explain what the 5 Emoji Features are all about. Here’s a quick preview:

Cluster Pays – Get 5 or More of Same Symbol Any Way (Win Up to 50x)

The only way to win in this unusual video slot is with symbol clusters.

Namely, get 5 or more (versus 9 in the Aloha slot) of the same symbol in a cluster to win, either horizontally or vertically, and in any direction.

This can happen to any of the 8 regular symbols, which appear stacked, paying between 5 and 10,000 coins each. Watch out for the Tears of Joy, Alien and Poop as they make up the highest-paying symbols.

The good news is that Wild symbols are in the mix too, but they have no coin value, don’t appear stacked and are pretty rare.

Emojiplanet mobile slot base game.
Get 5 of the same symbol or better to win up to 10,000 coins or 50x.

This leads us to the avalanches, like in Gonzo’s Quest (the opposite of the sticky win re-spins like in Aloha! Cluster Pays). By the way, Gonzo also appears in this game if you watch closely below the rainbow, together with the pig from When Pigs Fly! game.

Here’s how it works.

Every time you trigger a win, the winning symbols explode and new ones are added from the top. This creates new winning combos (hopefully) and free re-spins. This happens until no more wins are triggered. Do this with icons like the Bomb, Pizza, Kiss Mark, Rocket and Two Hearts, which have special meters on the side, to go for a ride with one or more of the Emoji Features.

Here’s what happens next.

Emoji Features – Fill Up 5 Different Emoji Meters to Boost Wins with Bonuses

Look on the right of the “reels” and you’ll see 5 Emoji Meters (image below). This includes the Bomb, Pizza, Kiss Mark, Rocket, and the Two Hearts Meter.

All players need to do is fill them up with 12 spaces (equal to over 2x minimum win combos) to activate the corresponding Emoji Feature. If you manage to get more with all the no-charge re-spins, then a sticker will appear on each Emoji Meter, telling you how many times the Emoji Meter was filled.

Note: The features are activated only when there are no more winning combinations.

Here’s what you get for each one.

Bomb Feature (1 or 5) – Blow Up 8 Random Symbols and Collect More Coins

Emojiplanet Bomb Feature.
Bomb Feature destroys 8 random symbols and awards extra coins for each.

This one we can all imagine.

Fill up that Bomb Meter to destroy 8 random symbols. For each one that blows up, you’ll get a random coin win between 5x and 100x the bet level. But to win big, you’d need to mix it up with one of the following.

Pizza Feature (2 of 5) – Get Random 3×3 Colossal Symbol for Guaranteed Win

When activated, you’ll get a 3×3 overlay of a random symbol, except Wild, on a randomly chosen position.

Kiss Mark Feature (3 of 5) – Win 3 Sticky Wilds with Three Lives Each

Emojiplanet slot Kiss Mark Feature.
Kiss Mark Feature awards 3 Sticky Wilds with 3 lives each.

As soon as you get 12 of those Kiss Marks and fill up the corresponding meter, you’ll get three Sticky Wild symbols that appear just as randomly and remain on the reels. Each one has 3 lives, meaning you can win up to 3 times with each Kiss Mark Wild before it disappears. However, you’re not guaranteed a win.

Rocket Feature (4 of 5) – Turns Random Reel Wild for Certain Win

Now this one does guarantee a win.

The Rocket Feature awards you with a stack of 10 Wild symbols on one of the 5 reels. This basically generates a wild reel.

Speaking of wild symbol stacks, you’ll also find them in the summer 2017-released Copy Cats (and Wolf Cub) slot, along with the very exciting cloning feature that will keep you playing for longer.

Last but not least – the Hearts.

Two Hearts Feature (5 of 5) – Magnify Total Win with Progressive Win Multiplier

Emojiplanet video slot Two Hearts Feature.
Two Hearts Feature awards a total win multiplier of x2 or better.

If you were wondering where all the win multipliers are, then here they come.

Fill up that Two Hearts Meter to multiply the total win by the number of times the meter is filled up plus one. While it probably won’t increase up to 10x like in the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, with enough luck you can get pretty close to that.

So, what’s the takeaway?



Emojiplanet is probably the only branded emoji themed slot, made by NetEnt in association with Global Merchandising Services & The emoji Company.

It’s an ideal choice for beginners and casual slots enthusiasts. Because of its high hit frequency like Gonzo’s Quest (41.1%) or Blood Suckers 2 (40.7%), and the many fun base game features that can be enjoyed at 20 coins per spin, betting between 0.20 and 200 credits.

Here’s a rundown of the Emojiplanet slot bonuses:

  • Cluster Pays – 5 or more symbols in a cluster pay a prize, in any way: left to right, vertically and horizontally. When symbols blow up, players get free re-spins in avalanches and more winning chances.
  • Emoji Meter – there are 5 of them: fill them up to win one of the following Emoji Features.
  • Bomb Feature – 8 random symbols on the reels get destroyed, in exchange for additional coins too.
  • Pizza Feature – win 3×3 overlay symbol for a guaranteed win.
  • Kiss Mark Feature – win 3 Sticky Wilds that have 3 lives each.
  • Rocket Feature – win a stack of 10 Wilds on and above one of the reels.
  • Two Hearts Feature – multiply your win by x2 or more, without limit.

Emoji Planet was officially launched on 23 August 2017 and discontinued almost three years later, so it’s no longer available for play. Refer to other NetEnt reviews below for other prominent releases and their reviews.

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