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Published: April 29, 2016|Updated: July 28, 2021

Koi Princess Slot Review (NetEnt) – Most Feature-Packed Slot?

It’s the most feature-rich mobile slot from NetEnt. 4 random features to boost your main game. Plus 4 more bonuses that can produce wins beyond 500x bet. And it also has a Bonus Bet or ante that you can switch on and off. It’s the one and only 20-line Koi Princess slot.

There’s a lot to the game, but here’s a Koi Princess review that you can cover in just a minute. You will also find the game at recommended slot sites and try it with a bonus, like the one below.

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Here are 9 features to help you reel in the fortunes on mobile or desktop.

Bonus Bet – Win “Random” and “Bonus” Features More Often

Koi Princess mobile slot Big Win!

First of all – there are 20 pay-lines and 5 reels. Secondly, there’s this Bonus Bet option.

What this ante does is 2 things:

  1. Doubles the cost of a spin.
  2. Increases your chances of winning the game’s many bonuses (including random ones).

The Bonus Bet also increases the values on the Bonus Wheel and coin wins in the Sure Win Free Spins. On mobile, Bonus Bet can be set in the settings, where you adjust bets. So do you need it or not is really a question of: do you want to pay more money for slightly better chances of winning the feature? Just so you know, the RTP increases from 96% to 96.23% with the Bonus Bet switched on.

4 Random Features – 1 Mighty Spin to Boost Your Bankroll

The Koi Princess slot has 4 random features. Each one of them awards just 1 spin + mystery feature.

1 of 4 Random Features – Koi Princess 5-Hit Bonus

Random Koi Princess pick me bonus.
Random Features.

Ever heard of a 5-Hit bonus? Me neither, but it is what you think it is — 1 spin with a guaranteed 5-symbol win.

The most important part is which symbol the game’s going to pick. The Wild and Koi Princess symbols are valued the most: at 500 and 400 coins, respectively.

2 of 4 Random Features – Koi Princess Random Wilds

Koi Princess features 4 random bonuses.
1 of 3 options.

This one is pretty straight-forward.

1 spin with 4 to 9 overlay Wilds anywhere on the reels. You’ll find lots of overlay Wilds in NetEnt’s Drive: Multiplier Mayhem too.

3 of 4 Random Features – Koi Princess Wild Reels

Koi Princesss Expanding Wilds feature.
Random Wild Reels feature in action.

Sounds better?

This one awards you with 1 spin with 2 to 5 random Wild reels. Yes, 5 Wild reels is an option too and it better came up!

4 of 4 Random Features – Koi Princess Bonus Game

This one doesn’t really do anything. Instead, it triggers one of the bigger Koi Princess bonuses right away.

And what are these “bigger” bonuses?

4 Bonus Features – Win up to 100,000 Coins

Koi Princess bonuses: 2x free spins, bonus wheel and coin win.
4x Bonus Features.

How do you trigger one of Koi Princess’s bigger bonuses? For that, you need 3x Bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. But even if you get just 2, the princess can nudge the 3rd Bonus symbol onto the reels from the outside of the visible reel set.

1. Sure Win Free Spins – Guaranteed Win on Every Spin

Koi Princess Bonus Wheel: win one of the 4 features.
Spin the wheel to reveal your prize.

Land on the Sure Win Free Spins section of the wheel of fortune to win this baby. The bonus starts with 10 free spins with a twist.

During these free spins, there’s a minimum to how much you can win on each spin. The 1st spin’s minimum win is your total stake. For each consecutive win, it’s the largest amount won during the feature.

Example: 50-credit win on spin 2 = minimum win on the next spins (until you beat that with a higher win).

So the bigger the wins at the beginning, the bigger the minimum win for the rest of the spins.

2. Wild Reels Free Spins – Up to 5 Wild Reels for 10 Spins

Remember the Wild Reels Random Feature mentioned above?

This one’s 10x better. This time you get 10 freebies, during which 1 to 5 random Wild reels will be added each time you spin the reels. And yes, if you’re the luckiest player on earth, you can theoretically win 5 Wild reels during each of the 10 freebies.

3. Bonus Wheel – Jackpot Coin Win, Free Spins or Massive Multiplier

The Bonus Wheel is actually a pre-bonus round.

Here you get to spin the wheel of fortune for 3 possible prizes: Sure Win or Wild Reels Free Spins, or a coin win. This is a 3-tiered wheel. Your mission is to tap on the dice in the upper left to move around the wheel.

Koi Princess wheel of fortune bonus on mobile.
Progress to the centre to win BIG.

By spinning one of the 3 bonus wheels, you can win the following:

  • Multiplier of x2, x3 or x5.
  • Double Up – double your current prize.
  • Collect – collect your winnings.
  • Arrow – move one wheel closer to the centre of Bonus Wheel (for better multiplier).
  • Wild Reels/Sure Win Free Spins (covered above).
  • Jackpot Coin Win – around 250x the total bet.

Last but not least.

4. Coin Win – Instant Coin Win without Bonus

This one is simple. If you land on Coin Win then you get an instant coin prize. It’s also the most boring, although you never know how many coins are there for you.



Koi Princess is the company’s first game to launch on mobile, desktop and retail platforms, simultaneously. But what is it that turns this game into the most feature-rich slot from NetEnt?

Here are the 9 key bonuses to keep in mind as you play:

  1. Use Bonus Bet to increase your chances of winning one of its 8 features.
  2. 5-Hit bonus for a random 5-symbol win
  3. Random Wild feature for up to 9 Wilds out of nowhere.
  4. Wild Reels feature for up to 5 random Wild reels.
  5. Bonus Activation feature for 1 of 3 Koi Princess larger bonuses.
  6. Sure Win Free Spins bonus for 10 freebies with potentially increasing minimum win.
  7. Wild Reels Free Spins bonus for 10 freebies with up to 5 overlay Wilds on each spin.
  8. Bonus Wheel feature for one of the Free Spins, Jackpot Coin Win or win multiplier.
  9. Coin Win feature for an instant coin prize.

Sounds overwhelming? Seriously, it’s easier than you think.

Good luck!

Welcome bonus
Get 20 Free Spins + 100% to €300
Play here

Free Spins available upon registration on Book of Dead. Bonuses have a wagering requirement: 30x bonus + deposit (game weighting applies). Max bet applies. Min deposit: €10. New 18+ customers only. Play responsibly. Full T&C apply.

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