Cyberslot MegaClusters

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Published: December 23, 2020

Cyberslot MegaClusters Slot Review (Big Time Gaming)

Cyberslot from Big Time Gaming is the second release in their new “MegaClusters” series. It comes on the back of the critically acclaimed Star Clusters, tipped to be one of the hottest new releases of 2020.

With Cyberslot you take a step back in time with what has to be one of the most exciting games in the BTG catalogue. Boasting a massive 321 symbol game, the good times keep rolling from an admittedly unassuming online slot. Even though this could be classed as a high-volatile game, the 96.2% RTP is right in the sweet spot. Couple that with the inclusions of Reactions, tons of wilds, roaming wilds and an epic free spins section, and you’ve got quite the package.

The vaporwave themed MegaClusters slot is available from December 14th, 2020. You’ll find it at top BTG slot sites like LeoVegas, where this game made its exclusive debut a week earlier.

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Cyberslot is a unique layout in that they use a 3×3 grid as the main game. However, each square on this grid can create a 3×3 of its own, turning the overall layout into a 9×9. At the start of each spin, one square is randomly chosen to form 9 additional symbols.

The reactions that create cascades are essentially the symbols reacting with one another regardless of their size. When a win occurs — for which to happen you’ll need 5 or more matching symbols of any size horizontally or vertically adjacent — the symbols react and disappear. Any big symbols that partake in a win will be replaced with 9 smaller symbols in that box (versus 4 in Star Clusters), creating more symbols and winning opportunities as a result. When all major symbols are broken into smaller pieces, there are a total of 81 symbols spinning at the same time (in the base game).

Now I will admit, I’ve been critical of games like this in the past and mainly because what you get with these layouts is high drama, but little returns. I’m pleased to report that Cyberslot MegaClusters bucks this trend. What’s great about this is that the chain of reactions (pun intended) can last a decent amount of time. This plays out automatically in the game, but I’ve seen dozens of reactions happen with a single spin, which adds to the excitement of the slot.


As with most online slots, the Wilds play an important role in how Cyberslot Megaways functions. I found that these were the symbols that I was on the lookout for the most as they often lead to the bigger wins. There are three wilds in the game:

  • Golden Roaming Wilds – The highest rank of wilds and is available in the main game and the bonus. Includes an increasing multiplier and is always visible!
  • Regular Wild – The blue background with the silver “W” is the symbol for the regular wild. These will appear randomly and work as a substitute for all symbols within the game except the Roaming Wild. They are common but don’t have multipliers and are not sticky.
  • Rainbow Roaming Wilds – Unlockable in the free spins.

Roaming Wilds

The roaming wilds for Cyberslot Megaways are probably the star of the show here, so let me tell you a little more about how they work. As mentioned above, there are two forms of the roaming wild available in the Golden and the Rainbow version. The Golden is always present and the Rainbow only appears on a Free Spins re-trigger.

As the name would suggest, the roaming wilds are capable of moving. In the main game, it moves between the 3×3 grid and only appears as a big symbol. In the free spins round, they will be in and of the 9×9 grid, often showing up multiple times for massive wins. Both roaming wilds come with the Roaming Wild Multiplier attached. The more times they get retriggered, the higher the multiplier that will be applied. There is no maximum multiplier, so they are well worth waiting for!

Free Spins

The Free Spins round is the Holy Grail of most slots and Cyberslot MegaClusters is no different. It’s played with 81 symbols, to begin with, which can break down into 4 new symbols for a total of 321 icons to react at any given moment!

Access is obtained by getting 12 or more reactions in a single spin within the base game (versus 5 or more in Star Clusters). It sounds like a tough task, but I found that it was triggered a lot more frequently than I had expected; every 500 spins or so.

You get 6 free spins with the base game, but you can get retriggers from this as well. To do this you need the Golden Roaming Wild to reach a 10x multiple and then for each time it does this, you get +2 free spins. After each such re-trigger, you also get a Rainbow Roaming Wild. Having even one of these increases the winning potential exponentially — watching your account balance frequently improve is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap!

Apparently, the potential number of free spins is “limitless”, but I’ve never re-triggered more than twice. So, take from that what you will!



Editor's rating:


Having already exceeded our expectations in terms of popularity with players, Megaclusters™ has the potential to become another successful franchise and we’re excited to see it develop.

Nik Robinson, CEO at Big Time Gaming

Cyberslot MegaClusters has been a really fun slot to review. It’s a game that is based around the 1980s and as an 80’s baby, I felt right at home. The theme music sounded like the Pet Shop Boys had been enlisted to write for a new Tetris game and even the look of the game is not a million miles away from the cult classic.

When BTG first announced the release of their MegaClusters platform in late 2020, I was keen to compare how Cyberslot measured up to the highly acclaimed Star Clusters. For my money, I have to say that Star Clusters just edges it, but it’s close. Both games are quite similar in terms of structure, but Star Clusters feels like a lot more is happening for longer periods. You don’t have to wait as long between wins, but then, the wins are generally smaller, so there is a balance to be struck.

Whilst the sights and sounds of these things are part of the package, the meat has to be in the gameplay. Cyberslot does not disappoint, but its’ not perfect. I was really impressed with what they do have. This includes the range of wilds, free spins round and the winning reactions. The grids and falling symbols work well and it’s an engaging slot to use. The downsides — as to be expected — are the lack of any bonus or feature round. You basically just click and “spin”, which can get a bit tiresome over an extended period of time.

Picking a winner between the two has been tough, but as stated, Star Cluster just edges it. Don’t let that put you off trying Cyberslot, as it’s a solid addition. The real excitement comes with any new additions to the BTG MegaClusters range through Relax’s platform, which should be dropping in 2021 sometime.


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The spins are playable on different NetEnt slots (Starburst, Mega Fortune Dreams, Jack and the Beanstalk, Warlords, Twin Spin, and Swipe and Roll). No wagering requirements. Use within 3 days. No maximum win limit. No code needed. New 18+ customers only. Play responsibly. Full T&C apply.

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