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Published: November 14, 2019

Reel Rush 2 Slot Review (NetEnt) – Total Bonus Frenzy

NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2 will blow your mind.

The sequel to the popular 2013 fruity slot has more features than ever, including 8 random bonuses and 2 different Free Spins, one of which has an Increasing Multiplier with no limit (for wins of up to 25,000x your stake). It’s fast-paced, feature-rich and just an overkill of a game with lots of bells and whistles (quite literally). The result is impressive and overwhelming at once. So the best way to enjoy it is just start playing – you’ll figure it out along the way.

Reel Rush 2 plays with the same expanding reel and 45-3,125 bet ways, at medium to high volatility. It’s available from 7 November 2019 at licensed NetEnt slot sites like Mr Green.

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Up to 3,125 Ways to Win + Re-spins + Super Tokens

Reel Rush 2 has a 5×5 reel which contains blocks that can be unlocked for more ways to win with each re-spin:

  • Initial spin: 45 ways
  • Re-spin 1: 135 ways
  • Re-spin 2: 405 ways
  • Re-spin 3: 675 ways
  • Re-spin 4: 1,125 ways
  • Re-spin 5: 1,875 ways
  • Free Spins: 3,125 ways.

Each re-spin awards +1 star in the Free Spins Meter (Super Token Meter if you have 2,000+ tokens), so after the 5th re-spin you’ll trigger the free spins bonus. In addition to that, each win also awards 1-5 tokens into the Super Token Meter.

Super Tokens

Super Tokens fuel your Free Spins purchase power, more specifically, the Super Free Spins. Each collected coin is added into the Super Token Meter (which are saved even if you log out!). Once you reach 2,000 coins, you’re guaranteed to get the better bonus, the Super Free Spins, when it’s triggered.

👍 Tip: Super Tokens are linked to bet level and coin value, so when you lower or increase your bet they will grow or decrease proportionally to the total stake.

Here comes the biggest change in the Reel Rush 2 slot: random features.

8 Random Features — Win Up to 3 on Every Spin

You can now trigger 0-3 random features on each spin:

  • Second Chance: re-spins the reels if there’s no win.
  • Random Wilds: adds 1-3 random Wild symbols on reels 2-5.
  • Block Breaker: unblocks 2 or 4 blocks for more ways to win.
  • Symbol Multiplier: picks random symbol and applies x5, x10 or x20 multiplier.
  • Symbol Upgrade: transforms random symbol into a higher paying symbol.
  • Extra Super Tokens: 3 or 15 tokens are added to the Super Token Meter.
  • Extra Free Spins: triggers +1 Free Spins (bonus only).
  • Multiplier Boost: adds +1 to progressive multiplier (bonus only).

These will be triggered often, which is the reason this game is so high-paced and full of action. What you really want is the Free Spins, which are new as well.

Free Spins Bonus + Feature Buy!

The bonus can only be activated after the 5th re-spin. You’ll have 3 options:

  • Buy Super Tokens: Buy 400 (costs 6x bet), 1,000 (15x bet) or 2,000 (29.5x bet) tokens and enter Super Free Spins (depending how many you have).
  • Gamble Super Tokens: Use your current Super Tokens to gamble for the chance to enter Super Free Spins (the more you have the higher the probability). You’re guaranteed to win at least the regular Free Spins bonus.
  • Start: Get 8 Free Spins or 8 Super Free Spins (if you already have 2,000+ tokens).

What’s the difference between Free Spins and Super Free Spins in Reel Rush 2? — Super Free Spins are played with the Progressive Multiplier that increases with each win or with the random Multiplier Boost feature.

The gamble factor and feature buy are very new to NetEnt slots, which are definitely much-welcomed and add a small strategic element to the game. However, unless the Extra Free Spin random feature comes up every second spin, the bonus is a short-lived joy.

👍 Tip: To achieve highest RTP, purchase 2,000 Super Tokens once. Using the Gamble Super Tokens or just entering Free Spins will decrease the RTP down to minimum 95.53%.



Editor's rating:

Win Up to 25,000x

The original Reel Rush was a frenetic experience, loaded full of madness and mayhem. Players loved it so much that we’ve turned the dial up to 11!

Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games

Reel Rush 2 is a big “improvement” on Reel Rush 1 when it comes to features and player engagement. It’s a great casual game that also happen to have a very nice win potential but it also requires quite a bit of nerve to see any progress in that direction.

The best result I had in the bonus was around 200x bet, but I’ve also seen single wins of around 150x. Not quite there with slots like Joker Troupe (Push Gaming) or Dead or Alive 2, but not bad for a high-hit-rate fruit slot like this one. At the end of the day, with bet range of 0.20-40 credits Reel Rush 2 should appeal to a wider audience as well.


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Just use the link to register at the casino and you’ll get 25 Bonus Spins to use on Dead or Alive 2! Wagering requirement: 35x winnings. Conversion time limit: 7 days. No max win limit. New 18+ customers only. Play responsibly. Full T&C apply.

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