Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Published: June 22, 2016|Updated: January 15, 2021

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot Review (NetEnt)

Summer is finally here. And NetEnt has a brand new slot just in time for the season. It’s called Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune and it promises to be just as fun as it sounds. More importantly, it’s got a tonne of bonus features and a maximum bet of up to 250 credits. But will this be enough to entertain the crowds with a maximum win potential of just over 1,000x bet?

Note: Theme Park was discontinued on 26 November 2020. See other noteworthy NetEnt slots like Gonzo’s Quest MegaWays instead.

Stacked Wilds on 3 Middle Reels

As we can see from NetEnt’s Theme Park video, you’re in for a wild ride. More specifically, 3 out of 5 reels will include Stacked Wilds. It’s the three middle reels, and if you’re lucky enough to get them all on the same spin then be prepared for a nice surprise like that 192x the total stake win in the video above.

Claw Crane Bonus

Claw Bonus for Claw symbol on reel 5.
Theme Park’s Claw bonus in action.

Familiar with the claw machines?

Fortunately, the likelihood that you’re going to drop the prize is pretty slim in this game. The Theme Park Claw Crane feature can be triggered only with the Claw Crane symbol on reel 5. The moment you land it on the screen a bigger claw will appear from the top and drop down to reappear with a random plush toy. The coin prize depends on the toy — a bunny, crab, etc. — and is between 2x and 15x the bet amount.

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune attractions map.
6 pick-n-win bonuses in total.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus for Tickets of Fortune + Attractions Map

One of the two ways to get the Wheel of Fortune bonus is with three Scatter symbols. When triggered, just spin the wheel to earn tickets and extra spins. You’ll get three wheel spins and can earn up to two extra spins while spinning.

On each spin, you’re guaranteed to win at least one ticket (8 max) that you need for the attractions/bonus features. The round ends when there are no more spins left. And right after it ends you’ll be taken to a theme park map with 6 attractions or different bonus choices.

Note that each ride has a ticket cost that ranges between 1 and 10 tickets. As such, you can use your earned tickets multiple times until you run out.

Let’s see what the 6 Theme Park bonuses are in more detail.

Duck Shoot Bonus – Most Expensive Ride

Theme Park slot Duck Shoot bonus.
Duck Shoot bonus for 10 tickets.

One of the six bonuses is called the Duck Shoot. For 10 tickets you get 5 duck to pick from.

For each duck, you’ll earn a coin prize (up to 50x the current bet amount) or reveal a better multiplier that goes from x1 to x4. It will multiply all coin wins at the end of the feature. The Duck Shoot feature is better than the rest only because of that magnifier.

Skee Ball Bonus – 5 Tickets for 20x Multiplier

The second feature is called the Skee Ball.

Ever played it in real life? The aim of this bonus game is simple — just pick a “bowling” ball and throw it into the hole with the highest multiplier. You’ll have 5 throws in total, so fingers crossed that you score the highest multiplier which will multiply your bet by 20x.

Still have more tickets left in your pocket?

Fishing Bonus – 7 Tickets for 5 Tries to Catch Big Fish

Theme Park slot Fishing bonus.
Fishing bonus for 7 tickets.

The third bonus is the Fishing feature.

It’s a classic and one of the simplest ones you’ll find at any theme park really. For this one, you’ll need 7 tickets to pick the right fish in exchange for an instant coin prize (up to 50x current bet amount, per fish). You’ll have 5 tries with random wins, but no multipliers like with the Duck Shoot.

Below are the three cheaper attractions.

Can Tower Bonus – Smash Down All 3 Towers for Jackpot

Theme Park slot Can Tower bonus in action.
Can Tower bonus for 3 tickets.

The fourth bonus is called the Can Tower.

You’ll need just three tickets to enter the game. You’ll be given three ball throws to do your best knock off as many cans as you can. And for each can that you’ll manage to knock down you’ll win 2x your bet.

Throwing metal cans with soft balls is not an easy task, so let’s hope that you’ll manage to knock down each can for the All Can Towers Down jackpot that’s worth 864x bet. Note that you’ll still get to keep all wins from the cans that you knock down.

Sledge Hammer Bonus – High Striker or Strongman Game

Theme Park High Striker bonus in action.
Sledge Hammer bonus for 2 tickets.

The fifth bonuses is the Sledge Hammer feature.

For just two tickets you can strike the lever of the “strength tester” which will hopefully be enough to ring the bell suspended at the very top which triggers a nice coin award of up to 100x bet.

How about some kicking?

Punch Bag Bonus – Just 1 Ticket for 1 Shot

Theme Park Punch Bag bonus in action.
Punch Bag bonus for just 1 ticket.

The last bonus of the six is the Punch Bag round.

Got just a few tickets from the wheel of fortune round? The boxer machine bonus is a great way to let out the steam for a top prize of up to 25x bet. And that’s still not all that the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune has for you.

Second Wheel of Fortune for Multiplier or Theme Park Bonuses

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune mobile slot bonus game.
Get Bonus symbol on reel 5 for a nice surprise.

Even if you don’t trigger three Scatters at once, you can still win one of the theme park bonuses. All you have to do is land a special Bonus symbol on the 5th reel. Here’s what you can win from the subsequent wheel of fortune:

  • One of the 6 theme park features
  • Entry ticket into the theme park map bonus with the pre-round
  • A win multiplier of x2 or x4.

That is a lot of features!



Theme Park Slot Closing Thoughts

NetEnt has gone absolutely mad with bonus features recently. The Koi Princess, Guns N’ Roses, and Jimi Hendrix slots have at least 7 features each! And the new Theme Park mobile slot isn’t any different (even though it doesn’t have a Free Spins feature).

Let’s recap all of the Theme Park features:

  1. Stacked Wilds on three or more reels.
  2. Collect bonus/attraction tickets with three Scatters.
  3. One Bonus symbol on reel 5 for a second-chance bonus.
  4. There are 6 theme park bonuses in total.
  5. Duck Shoot – win up to 50x bet + increasing multiplier up to 4x.
  6. Skee Ball — 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x and 20x multipliers + three throws.
  7. Fishing – catch 7 fishes and exchange for coins (up to 50x bet each).
  8. Can Tower – smack can towers for up to 864x bet.
  9. Sledge Hammer – bang the hammer for up to 100x bet.
  10. Punch Bag – costs just one ticket + can win up to 25x bet.

Please note that Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is no longer available for play at any online casino since 26 November 2020. Refer to the latest reviews below for good alternatives.

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