Mad Cars Q&A with Push Gaming Game Producer Ihor Lozinskiy

Published: July 28, 2022 |Updated: August 11, 2022

“We certainly could have had a larger maximum win, but we wanted as many people as possible to see the most exciting parts of this game.”

Mad Cars is a Push Gaming slot that combines the studio’s signature features in a novel but the somewhat familiar way – wink at players who’ve been longing to play something along the lines of cult classics like Money Train. And oh boy, are there many such dopamine-juggling aficionados out there! Don’t worry if you’re not one of them because, unlike some fear-defying teams, this game is not pushing the volatility boundaries quite as much. In fact, this may be one of the most balanced slots that this highly regarded game developer has ever released. Chances are, you probably already know a thing or two about the game’s bonuses and features. So, I’ve reached out to the guys who put in the hours creating this title and got a chance to ask the game producer, Ihor Lozinskiy, about the development process and facts that are not widely publicized. Hope you enjoy this short Q&A!

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Mad Cars producer Ihor Lozinskiy.
Mad Cars slot producer Ihor Lozinskiy.

You have a knack for developing slots with instant-pay prizes, and you have just as aptly integrated this signature feature into this game. Could you give us some idea of what it takes to integrate that part of the game as predominantly as you did in the Mad Cars slot with the instant-pay car symbols? Is the lack of frequent payouts in the base game one of the compromises that had to be made or an inevitable part of the volatility spectrum?

Ihor Lozinskiy (IL): In the beginning, there was an idea to create a racing slot. We had everything for that, reels that look like tracks and instant prizes were already our signature feature, so there were no questions about how we should proceed with this, it came together naturally. The main challenge was to make it feel like a race, especially in the Base Game. In the Base Game, we have paying symbols and cars, and the RTP is divided between these two paying elements. So, you can get a big hit with paying symbols. A single 5 OAK line of the highest paying symbol is 100x. You can also collect a 100x Instant Prize Car and the frequencies for that are the same – 1 in 1,304. The game is really well balanced, especially the Base Game, and the win frequency is reasonable for a high volatility slot.

While being a truly unique slot in many respects, it has a neat nod to the finest features of Relax Gaming’s popular Money Train slot and the post-apocalyptic world painted so vividly by the Mad Max franchise. What inspired you the most in the creation process?

IL: There is nothing in particular that inspired us the most; we were led by the game’s primary mechanic, where cars are racing to the finish line. We designed the other features to compliment this initial idea and went into development from there.

If you had to pinpoint only one part of this game, what would be the thing you value the most?

IL: In my opinion, this game is a top-notch product from all sides. Our team executed this game flawlessly. But I want to pinpoint the animations and art in tandem, they did a great job by creating and bringing to life this game world.

This question is more for players who seek slots with the craziest win limits. Mad Cars sounds just like a title that could’ve exceeded all the previous Push Gaming max win potentials. Why did you decide to keep it at the more reasonable 25,000x bet?

IL: We certainly could have had a larger maximum win, but we wanted as many people as possible to see the most exciting parts of this game. These parts of the game, like the collector and payer symbol, are very good at giving the player incredible wins. We feel that 25,000x is still a phenomenal amount to win, but by keeping it at this level, we are able to let more people see these sorts of wins.

As we all know, the maximum win is not a metric that would make or break a slot. The 25,000x sounds like an achievable limit – where does Mad Cars fall in terms of statistics across your portfolio of games? Could you share some math stats for us slot nerds, please?

IL: I always feel that setting the maximum win is an important balancing act. You don’t want it to limit the game’s potential too much, but you also want to feel that it is achievable. I think we have been able to strike the right balance here, as the frequency of hitting the maximum win is slightly less than 1 in 5 million (1 in 4,976,981 to be precise). Looking at other games in our portfolio, this is somewhere in the middle for both frequencies of hitting the maximum win and also the size of the maximum win. [For comparison, the probability of winning the maximum win of 50,000x in Big Bamboo is between 10 and 21 million].

Do you think this game will appeal to specific types of players?

IL: I believe that every single player can find something appealing for them in this game since the game is diverse and feature-packed. The Base Game mechanics are solid, and the Bonus Game takes these mechanics to another level. The theme and art style are so cool and detailed; our Artists and Animators put a lot of effort into them. For me, this game is pure fun and excitement.

Finally, for all the Push Gaming fans out there, which one of your slots would serve as an excellent appetiser or a starting ground for players waiting for Mad Cars to come out?

IL: I would recommend checking out Fat Banker; it is my favourite game in the Fat series and super fun to play. I’m also loving Big Bamboo at the moment, the positive reaction it’s receiving from players inspired me to play some rounds myself and I’m really enjoying it.

Thank you!